Leaders' Launchpad Info Session


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Topics for Info Sessions:
March 7: What drives you - Explore Your Core Values
March 8 -Harness the power of Intrinsic Motivation
March 12 - Shifting from Problem to Vision
March 14 - What drives you - Explore Your Core Values
March 15 -Neuroscience of Happiness

Are you an emerging leader seeking next level of growth? Like Marshall Goldsmith's famous book title, “What got you here won’t take you there,” there is something else that will prepare you for that. That's why I am offering a workshop for professionals like you.
Leaders' Launchpad: Essentials for Emerging Leaders. A 4-part virtual workshop to launch and propel your leadership journey!

The March cohort registration is now open till March 18th. Come to one of the free info sessions to learn how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

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