Tech Leads' Coaching Circle

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How will I know if this program will work for me?
    A. Sign up and try it out. If you don't see a value, feel free to cancel before the trial period ends.
  • Q. Can I pick and choose which session to come to?
    A. Sure you can. As long as you are a member it is up to you. You will still get session recordings and offline discussions with your cohort.
  • Q. Can I postpone the monthly payments when I am not using it?
    A. Think it like a gym membership. You have this inexpensive membership to have the privilege of continuous support. If you want more flexibility you may sign up for a 1:1 coaching package
  • Q. I am interested but this is not the right time. Will this be offered again?
    A. The membership enrollment will be open at least twice a year. Please join the priority list below to be the first to know when it opens again.
  • Q. How will you help me measure my growth?
    A. There will be some accountability process, homework and check-in process to help keep you on track.
  • Q. I am not in Tech, will this be useful for me?
    A. You are welcome to join if you work in any STEM related field or in a corporate setting.
  • Q. What topics/themes will be discussed?
  • A. Based on my 12+ years of coaching mid-to-senior level leaders here are some example topics. We will also address your specific questions during the live session or on the discussion board.
  • Effective Goal-setting and tracking
  • Using emotional awareness to create tangible results at work
  • Executive presence, Speak up in meetings without being a show-off or awkward
  • Giving hard feedback without ruining the relationship 
  • What to do when you are feeling stuck and unmotivated  
  • Build harmonious work relationships, dealing with difficult people 

  •  Surviving to thriving, Work-life balance, overall wellbeing 
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome 
  • Dealing with uncertainty around product/organizational changes
  • Working with a difficult coworker
  •  Cross-team collaboration when the teams have very different priorities 
  • Influencing without authority
  •  How to be a effective mentor/mentee