Small Group coaching for tech leads Small Group Coaching for Tech Leads

Tech Leads' Coaching Circle

A Group Coaching Program for High Performing Tech Professionals to create more Growth, Purpose and Joy

Do Any of These Sound Familiar to You?

“I have a hard time expressing my opinion confidently"
 “I have been asked to show more executive presence.”
 Thinking on my feet is a challenge”
“I end up doing most of the work for my team - I am exhausted.”
“I need to be more strategic (vs tactical).”
"My passion is misread as aggressiveness."
"My authenticity backfires."
"I dread giving hard feedback."
"I have no time for selfcare - I am languishing."

Do you wonder whom to ask about those sticky situation questions?
  Are you tired of the usual performance focused go-go culture?  
Do you learn by thinking, experimenting, and reflecting with your peers?
Do you wish to have a safe and supportive place to process your thoughts and ideas?

You Came to the Right Place!

Imagine having a peer group and an experienced coach to share your ideas and challenges without fear of judgment.
How would life be when you have a cohort on a similar career journey to help you think through and share their ideas and experiences to help you learn and grow.

The results could be multi-fold:  Higher confidence, a better rapport with your stakeholders, successful delivery of your projects with less stress, leading to accelerated career growth 
 and overall more purpose and joy in everyday workplace situations.

A pro-athlete competes and performs in a high stake game only 5-6 times a year.
While a professional like you have to do that several times a week if not every day!
To keep your game up you need continuous support. 
That's why you need:

A Continuous Support System for your Career
Tech Leads' Coaching Circle
A Group Coaching Membership Program

Is This Program For You?

  • Are you a mid-level manager or an individual contributor in tech/stem? 
  • Do you have a high expectation of you and others?
  • Are you tired of the usual go-go culture?
  • Do you wish to have more fulfillment?
  • Does growth with purpose and joy intrigues you?   

What You Will Get

- A supportive executive coach and a small community of peers (7-10)to encourage you and keep you accountable so you keep growing.
- Engaging, thought-provoking live group sessions and offline discussions to help you process, learn and apply at your work.
- A topic of the month and exploration of your questions during sessions to prepare you handle workplace challenges smoothly.  
- A private recording of the sessions to watch later.

Session Times Monthly 90 mins, 4th Thursday eve 5 pt/8 et. Starts on June 23, 2022 on Zoom. There would be a makeup day for those who would miss the main session.

Sharmin Banu

With my 25 years of experience, first as a technology professional and then as an Executive coach for VP, Senior Directors, and C-level clients in fortune 500 companies and startups, I will help you navigate everyday workplace challenges. The topics will be around goal-setting, emotional intelligence, feedback, executive presence, navigating politics, handling conflicts, and work-life balance. My clients call me "a force of nature" for personal transformation. This program will help you learn from discovering your inner resourcefulness, my client stories, and your cohorts' experiences. As a result, you will enjoy more growth, purpose, and joy in your career.

Sharmin's Client

An Experienced Software Developer, Redmond, WA

Here is client testimonial from my previous program:
"It taught me to discover my values, shifting from my usual problem focus mindset and creating baby steps toward a compelling vision. These skills apply from work to home to beyond. Sharmin is great at posing questions that get to the core of an issue and guiding each participant towards their own answers.

The Wait Is Over!



 $150 (Regular)

 $75 (Beta)

Per month, USD 

  • Live Group Coaching
  • Private Community



Per month, USD 

  • Live Group Coaching 
  • Private Community
  • 1:1 session (1/mo)

Group coaching has been gaining it's popularity. A recent Harvard Business Review article said,  
“The benefits of small-group coaching come from powerful learning interactions among leaders who aren’t on the same team but are roughly equal in experience and position, and the process can generate leadership development impacts that exceed what’s possible in one-on-one coaching.” 

Be on the leading edge of the growth curve. Get a front-row seat on this journey of growth, purpose and joy!

Questions? Checkout the FAQs.